19 February, 2008

It would be funny if it did not hurt so bad!

For those of you who don't live in our area, you need to understand that Galesburg and our entire area is in the deep freeze, and has been most of this winter. It is just brutally cold. We had wind chills of -15 degrees today and tomorrow is supposed to be even worse. We have had snow, rain, freezing rain and our yards, driveways and most everything is completely iced over and has been for several weeks. Our driveway has literally 3-6 inches of solid ice covering it, depending on what part of the driveway you are in. Our yard is sparkling white snow, but it has rained on it and frozen over so solid that I, at 208 pounds can walk across it without breaking through the crust of ice covering the snow.

OK... I have set the scene for you. Today, I and a couple of other guys helped Pastor Reish load a truck load of merchandise (and we FROZE doing it!) and in the process of lifting a huge desk onto the truck, I tweaked my back a little. It was not bad, but enough to let me know that I needed to use care so that I did not throw my back out completely. When I came home I got out of the car to traverse my way across our ice skating rink of a yard, when suddenly both my feet went straight up in the air and I came down flat on my back and smacked my head on the bricks. It hit was such force that it knocked the wind out of me and I thought I was going to lay there and die. It hurt BAD, but as I lay there on the ground trying to get my breath back, all I could think of was, "too bad nobody had this on video." Pretty warped, huh?


Barbara said...

Hope you are feeling better today and didn't have a concussion. I once went up into the air and hit the ground just stepping on the second step at my back door. Had no idea it was coated with ice that morning. I was just checking the weather at 5AM to see what I needed to wear on a bus tour I was leaving on. I learned my lesson; stay away from ice! :)

L A Brannen said...

Sorry about the pain you suffered. I guess the picture of the bear will suffice. The bear is funny, but I know the pain from the fall is not. Hope you are alright now.

Ken said...

We had Prayer Conference just a few days after my foot surgery. Since it was in the town that I live in, I decided to attempt to go. I took one step down off of the front porch and WHAAAMMM! Flat of my back, hitting my head on the step. This Bear ended up back in his cave!