22 January, 2008

OK, I am REALLY Ticked Off!

My son just came home after his first class today, telling me that part of the High School has no heat today and that he just sat in a class room for 90 minutes where the temperature was 52 degrees. Daniel is not the kind of kid who will whine, but he was very upset about having to take a very tough test today while in the cold. I called the High School and was told that Mr. Chiles, the Principal was out of the office today, so I spoke to the Assistant Principal and asked him why they are in school. He spoke to me in a very condescending way, (which is usual for him) and told me that they were working on it and would have heat in a couple of hours. OK, so for a few hours, the kids can suffer? Eisemann told me that they would allow kids to wear their coats to class. So I asked him if the reason to not allow coats in school was a safety precaution, and he said it was, but they would make an exception. OK... let me get this straight. First, he makes a dumb decision to not cancel school when there is no heat, and then he decides to compromise the safety of everyone in the school my allowing coats, which by their own determination can be used to conceal weapons? Hey, in my opinion, this is two very POOR decisions he has made this morning. I told him that I was not a happy parent and that I would be calling the School Board and the Health Department. He told me to do what ever I wanted and hung up. I have called them, as well as the Newspaper and the TV stations and I am not going to let this drop. This was a very bad decision, and he needs to be held accountable for this. I know that Avon and Abingdon schools both canceled classes a few months ago because the heat was out, and it was only in the 30's at that time, where as today it was like 6 degrees with wind chills below zero when he made this decision.

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