16 October, 2006

A Word In Due Season

Those near and around me know that I have really been under an attack recently. There have been some people who have been very close to me in the past who have for some reason chosen to tell lies about me and my church to draw pity and attention to themselves. In the eyes of some in our community they have successfully given both me and my church a "black eye." These kind of things are frustrating enough, but then while preaching yesterday morning I somehow tweeked something in my back which effectively shut me down to the point that I could not preach the evening service last night, and have been pretty much incapacitated because of the pain and the medications I have had to take. Times like this is when the devil really starts trying to toy with your mind and to bring in discouragement. He was beginning to have an effect on me this evening, until just a few minutes ago I received an email from my dear friend and collegue Johannes Matutis in Berlin, Germany.
His email spoke directly to me as well as to my church, so I am posting it below for you all to read. Brother Matutis is of course German, and his English is somewhat broken and translations often difficult to understand. Knowing him as I do, I know what he intends to say in someplaces and I will attempt to translate further for the reader. So that the reader knows what words I have added, my translations and/or explanations will be typed in red, while Pastor Matutis' words will be in blue.

we had last week spezial Days, (this means they were in revival) where the presents (presence) of God and his spirit were among us. The Holy Spirit spoke to us. We were very much encouraged.
After the view from Matthew 25, 31-45, the Lord spoke to us:
"Which the poeple always do to you, that they do directly to me.
How they treat you, so they treat me...and they will get to do with me..."
The Lord said to me, that I heave to give this message further to you.
It will encourage you to.
Here it is:
.... who attacks you now - it gets to do with God. (attacks God as well)
.... who annoys you - annoys God.
.... who insults you - insults God.
.... who deceives you - deceives God.
.... who avoids you - avoids God.
.... who out-robs you - robs out God.
.... who sin against you - he sin against God.
.... who soils you - soils God. (dirties the reputation)
.... who condemns you - condemns God.
.... who brings you to case - brings God to case. (brings to case means to accuse or charge you)
.... who destroys you - destroys God.
.... who eliminates you - throws God out (who leaves you)
.... who betrays you - betrays God.
.... who harms you - harms God.
.... who serves you - serves God,
You are "God's eyeball". (God's eye is on you.) You are for him a special.
You are his loved child. God does not give up you.
Even if the people give up you.
He says: I want to fight for you, and you shall be quiet.
I will make all that, what you cannot do more. (Basically, I will do what you cannot do)
I go, where you cannot come longer. (I can do far more than you can do)
I give you an open door. I change your situation. I increase you.
He says to you: my child, I'm with you - with me you will the storm survive.
Pray further for us here in Berlin to. We need your prayers and your support.
Berlin needs Jesus. We do which we can, to reach this city for Jesus.
Pastor Joh.W.Matutis


Henry Haney said...

Hey Pastor,

I haven't been online very much lately because of a new position on my job, but I want you to know that I'm praying for you and just want you to know that you are definitely making a difference for Christ in your church and through this blog, and through numerous other outlets.

May God completely heal your body in Jesus' name!


David Reish said...

Stay encouraged Pastor, your strength has been a blessing to my church and family, and has especially blessed me carrying me through some rough times myself. Be encouarged and know whatever the enemy intends for the negative, God makes it for the good. Know that my family and church are praying for you, your family and church.

Anonymous said...

I am praying for you Pastor Darrell. You have been such a huge blessing. Remember, no weapon formed against you will prosper. The enemy may take his best shot, but God will keep you through it.

God bless!

Neil said...

Whenever the decision is made to cross over, to move beyond what has either always been, or become acceptable, there will be a struggle. You have made a personal choice to step out of the box, and to take others with you...you've become a target, not only of the enemy, but of carnal, fleshly people who are comfortable and what to remain that way. Be strong in your faith, you know where you're going...go there. Love them, lead them, and leave the decision with them...you can only show them the way and the benefits of going there, but you can't take them, they have to follow!

Be encouraged, you will win!