17 October, 2006

Change Is In The Air

Since very early in 2006 I have sense something in my spirit that there was a great shifting getting ready to take place in my ministry and in the church where I pastor. In sensing this, I have known it was not just a local thing, but rather something that was about to sweep across North America, still, I knew the Lord was preparing me for things in my immediate area. In March my wife and two of my members went with me to a conference in Atlanta, Georgia, and in this conference we heard prophetic voices crying out that this was the time to cross over into a new dimension. All four of us were profoundly changed during this conference. Since then, slowly I have seen the changes coming. In April, the Lord showed me a vision that I have written about in this blog (The River). In this vision, the Lord clearly showed me that the church was at a point of transition, ready to take a complete change of direction and that many would leave our church, but also people would begin to come to it, and as the river accelerated, the people came in droves. I believe we are right on the threshold of a great move of God, and this is why the enemy is launching an all out attack on myself and the church where I pastor. I shared in my last post about the Word from the Lord that Pastor Johannes Matutis sent to me as the Holy Spirit directed him to do. This morning, one of my best friends, Neil Smith responded to that post saying, "Whenever the decision is made to cross over, to move beyond what has either always been, or become acceptable, there will be a struggle."
As I was reading Neil's response, I received another email from Charisma magazine with the following article in it. I know the timing was of the Lord, and this spoke directly to my heart.
I hope it does you as well.

Get Ready for a Change of Seasons

This prophetic message was recently given at in Purcellville, Virginia.
"I believe for many in the Body of Christ they are entering into a new season in their lives where God is calling them to leave the old behind and step into the new. Things of the past that have hindered and impeded our forward motion must be left behind if we are to move upward in God's purpose and call. It truly is a time where God is stripping and removing everything that would hinder our race in Him. As we transition into the new we must understand what He is doing and what things He is requiring of us to leave behind. This transition will be different for each one of us depending on God's unique plan and destiny for our lives. We must have an ear to hear Him in this season.
God is breaking out of the box. We must be very careful in this next season not to pattern ourselves after models of the past, even good models. We must not carbon copy ourselves after patterns of ministry that worked in the last season. God is doing a new thing. To move into the new wineskin we must remain very pliable and sensitive to what God is doing and how He is moving. This will require a keen sensitivity to His voice and a boldness not to blend in and go with the flow. It will require a heart of total obedience and death to self.”

Matt Sorger, a prophetic revivalist, is the founder of Matt Sorger Ministries in Seldon, New York. He holds healing revival services and international miracle crusades across the world, and also hosts pastors and leaders conferences in many nations to help train and equip leaders in the body of Christ.


Sean McKee said...

Quote: "It will require a heart of total obedience and death to self."

I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
(Romans 12:1-2)

ruthrap said...

change is long overdue! but with change there is always fear....fear of leaving that comfort zone so many fall into and simply "die" there! we just have to hang in there with those that welcome change for the good and want to learn more and actually seek what God has in store for his Church! You are doing your part, Pastor. All you can hope for are open minds and open hearts to your message.

David Reish said...

There's something shaking in the foundations of the church. There have been man-made fault lines place just beneath the floors of the church that has caused lines of division and has allowed the doors not to open properly and for doors that needed closed to remain open which allows the former defeated and rebuked things to creep back in. But in the midst of the shifting of the house, God is re-establishing His church, removing the fault lines, thus allowing the doors to open and the doors to close. The foundation is indeed shaking, however, its not because of what some have done, God is doing the work and is working through those who have the desire to stand through the shaking, see past the divisions, look beyond the fault lines.