20 October, 2006

Cardinals All The Way!

OK, it is no secret, the Cubs fans and Cardinals fans love to battle it out when it comes to our two teams.
But sometimes I really have to wonder if Cubs fans understand how this thing works. For example, since the Cardinals won the NL Championship last night, I have received a barrage of emails and phone calls telling me just how bad the Cardinals are, that they stink, they suck, they ought to be ashamed to step on the diamond... and so on.

Uh... wait a minute folks. Who is it that will be playing in Detroit this Saturday night? Who just knocked off one of the best teams in the game? And the Cubs are where? Home raking the leaves, as usual!

Say what you want about the Cards... they pulled it together when it was time to count the marbles!

To all you Cub fans, let me give you a clue. The individual matchups during the season don't mean a thing at the end of the year. It's all about who holds the trophies!
But I guess that if I were to try to look at it from the perspective of a team that has not held a trophy in since the early days of the automobile, before airplanes and before 99.9% of the people walking the face of the earth were born, I begin to realize your plight. You really don't know what the goal is!

To help you out, let me show you:

Now that you know what the goal is... let me hear it:

Just wait til next year!


Roughrider said...

Hey, you know what has 74 legs and watches the World Series on TV?

The Cubs

Ken's Den said...

Congrats, Darrell and get ready to be saying, "wait till next year" yourself! If memory serves me correctly, the Cards were there two years ago as well. It will be the same result this year.

Be honest now, You had a huge lump in your throat with Beltran up there with bases loaded, didn't you. Detroit will be a whole team of Beltrans.

But in all seriousness, they did get there and I have to give them props. Doesn't matter that they are the Buffalo Bills of baseball.

BTW, how many games did they win in Chicago this year?

David Reish said...

I'm hoping this series goes 7 games and then goes into 18 extra innings! I love to see the stress on Card fans!

libby said...

Whose laughing now!!!? The rookie Reyes put away 19 straight tonight! One more and he would have tied the record! Tomorrow night we'll start pullling out our "good" pitchers!

David Reish said...

Can't call it a world series using teams only from the US and Canada!

Great game though!

Ken's Den said...

The rookie, Reyes, was your one shot. Enjoy it!

Do you know what "Chris Carpenter" means in Tiger langauge? Drum.

Libby said...

HMMMM!!! One shot, eh? Seems to me the series standing is 2-1, now!

Libby said...

Make that 3-1 Cards!

Ken's Den said...

Hey Dawg,

I admire a man who has his woman fight for him! LOL

Only kidding Dude and Dudette! IF the Cards can hang on and win it all, I will be the first one here, congratulating you and your team. However, If they pull the most massive choke job, (short of Boston's improbable series win) you had better get your wife, aunts and uncles, church members and anyone else you know cause it's gonna get good up in here!

Ken's Den said...

Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Dawg on a fine team, winning the World championship! They did indeed, deserve it.

Dawg, you ought to play the lottery before the end of the year. First, you come out of no where to win the Fantasy League and then your team does what no one said it could do.

You got it going on, Bro!