01 September, 2006

A New Blog I've Created

I have created a new blog which I've named, "Changes In My Life." This blog will be a place where I talk about my quest to lose weight and make some changes in my life concerning my health. I really hope that there might be others who will take the challenge to make some changes in their life with me, but I have made up my mind that if nobody else joins me, I am going to do this.
People can be kind... maybe too kind. I have had some people tell me in the past week, "Pastor, you're not fat. You don't need to lose weight" and other things like that.
That's kind, but it is not true. I am packing around at least 20 to 25 pounds that I don't need. If you go by the index set up by all the health experts, then that number jumps up to 50 pounds!
If you don't think that is hard on you, I challenge you to try strapping a 25 pound weight to your body and lug it around all day. It makes everything a whole lot more difficult to do.

Anyway... I am going to do this. I owe it to myself and to my wife and kids. I'm not just talking diet here... I am talking change.
If you want to join me, or if you just want to check in and see how I am doing, pop in over at Changes in My Life.


ruthrap said...

i wish you success, pastor. I'm packin' around some extra poundage also and should do something about it! It certainly is a challenge to lose weight, especially when you work in the food service industry!!!

Sarah said...

I've been doing fine and dandy on my fat free diet. That was until I moved out and now I am all by myself (Court is always with friends) and I am lonely and BORED! Must resist urge to wallow in fattening debauchery.

Lee Roy Martin said...
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Your neice Amber said...

Hey, Darrell...BTW I've lost 9.4 lbs to date and still losing...since August 24th! I'm trying to lose 77 lbs.