30 August, 2006

The Word In It's Proper Place

I discovered a blog tonight written by Pastor Tony Sisk called "The Rambling Prophet."
He has a post on his blog titled, "The Offense of Bibliolatry" which I think is just excellent and I'd like to recommend to you.

Here is a small blurb from his article to peak your interest:
"Church folks are intimate with the words of Rick Warren, David Jeremiah, and Chuck Swindoll, yet only fairweather friends with the Word itself. Those who place the words of mere men above the Word of God are walking on thin ice. It is a mistake to elevate man's opinions of a matter over that of the Biblical Author."


Tony said...

Hey, thanks for the link! You are gracious and kind! I look forward to perusing your blog and will in fact do so!

Also, when you get a moment, I left you a comment on the blessings post on children...please go out and read it, OK?


Phil Hoover, Chicago said...

Agreed. And I believe that each of the persons you have mentioned would agree as well.

We must become lovers of God and lovers of His Word--not just our opinion of it.

Anonymous said...

woo wee very very true! and jsut on that little blurb alone I could comment that so many people are 'just trying to find someone help me make sense of this ' but the Word is alive and can be alive to you if you just seek a relationship with it's author. He will open your understanding of the very Word itself.