02 September, 2006

Does God Ever Annoy You (Part 6)

You may recall that I started a series of blog entries on "Does God Ever Annoy You?" back in February. For those of you who were not reading this blog back then, let me tell you that these stem from a little book I picked up last Winter called, "99 Annoying Attributes of God." It's not really the kind of book you just sit down and read through, (at least not me, anyway) and I had stuck it on the shelf where it remained until a few days ago. I was having one of those days where I was a little miffed at the way my life was going over the past couple of weeks, and God was messing with me a lot, and I said out loud, "Lord, you are really starting to irritate me right now!" and I thought about that book. I never had time to look at it until late tonight, and as I scanned the pages, I read one that hit right where I have been living. I thought, "I have not written any "Does God Annoy You" entries for awhile... so here goes.

The book says, "God is annoying because He has all the time in the world."
If you know me, then you know that patience in not exactly one of my strong suits. (Remember the hundreds of email messages sent to ebay?) I have to say that I am better than I used to be, but here lately, I have had several things that need to be done, and I cannot seem to get done. Sometimes as pastor, honestly there is not a lot that is pressing, but other times... there just are not enough hours in the day nor days in the week! It's been like that the last few weeks.
Then there are things that I am really dependent on others to do, and I just can't seem to get them motivated to do them, and I have found myself praying (basically) that God would light a fire under their rear ends. Let's just say that the Lord chastised me over those prayers.

Then there is the issue of the church itself. I know in my heart what the Lord has shown me for the church, and I have my face set in that direction and looking for the promises to be fulfilled. And in my great patience, I find myself trying to remind God of what He has promised, and that anytime now would be great for these things to happen.
Of course, God, in His not so funny way, reminds me that to Him one day is like thousand years, and a thousand years like one day. Then he reminded me of how Noah waited while pounding nails for 100 years, and how Abraham waited, and Moses waited, and so on until I finally said, "All right Lord, I've got it! Your timing, not mine. But I'm still not happy about it!"
Funny thing is, I don't think the Lord is really interested in whether I am tickled pink, just whether I stay the course or not.

And so, I press on... trying to be more patient as I go.


ruthrap said...

i know what ya mean, pastor and i am one of little patience also and when i want something done, i want it done Yesterday! sometimes i literally have to imagine myself in others' shoes and then look at me to realize how rediculously impatient i am! and ya know it helps to see things in anothers perspective...maybe we should look at others from God's perspective. you think? i love the saying "WWJD"! sometimes, when i'm getting ready to "fly off the handle" i ask myself "would Jesus react this way?"
then i say to myself "Nah! He'd keep His cool and forgive that person! or He wouldn't yell at that poor child, He'd pray for him!" God can really irritate us, but i think He does it for a reason!

Connie said...

OUCH. That's all I have to say.