03 September, 2006

A Labor Day Sermon?

Over on a message posting board that I frequent, someone asked the question if anyone had a Labor Day sermon they were preaching. A friend from Missouri, known as "Roughrider" penned the following words rather tongue in cheek, but they do in fact hit hard.

I. Don't miss church for a family reunion--get ready for the big one that's coming up.

II. Don't miss church because you have company--church pews are bigger than the couch in your living room. Bring them.

III. Don't miss church for a barbecue--You might attend one where the flame never goes out.

There are your three points. Here is your poem.


I came to your church last Sunday.
But didn't see you there.
I looked in every room.
You told me that you care.

You said I'd be your guest.
And that you cared about my soul.
But when I came to your pew.
All I saw was a hole.

Someone said you weren't there.
You had family in
You had to cook them dinner.
But I was burdened by my sin.

One said you'd slept in this Sunday.
You'd stayed up to late Saturday night.
But you told me God was number one.
I guess I didn't hear you right.

Next time you invite me.
I doubt that I will hear.
You don't care about God or me
Yes that is what I fear.


ruthrap said...

#3 was a good one! would have been nice to see more at chuch sunday, but i'm glad i got to be there!

David Reish said...

Only Roughrider... and I get to me the legend on Monday!