04 September, 2006

Labor Day Parade

Today is Labor Day, which for the Garrett family means we started our day off with going to the parade downtown. Since our son, Daniel plays in the high school band, we have a parade to go to each Labor Day. He is a Junior, and next year Ashley will be a freshman, so they will both be in the band, so it looks like I know where I will be on Labor Day for at least four more years. Actually we have a great parade every year, so we will probably go even after the kids are out of school and no longer at home with us.

We had an absolutely beautiful day for it, and I took some pitures of this years parade, so I decided to post a few of them.

Can't ever forget our Veterans!
There was one Vet of WWII in this parade who turned 90 today!

GHS Marching Silver Streaks

The kids sounded great today.
They should have another good year in the competitions.

The 2nd boy from the right of the picture is my son, Daniel
Yep, I am quite proud of that boy!

Some vintage Bi-planes made their annual appearance

These two girls were bored waiting for the parade to reach them

Knoxville Marching Bullets
Libby teaches at this school

Hey, it was a "Labor Day" parade, so here's a float
from the Carpenters & Millwrights

I was trying to get this picture of the little girl
looking at the cop because it was so cute,
then just as I snapped the picture, this woman stepped
into the scene and handed her some candy.


Neil said...

Did you stand right out in front of Crappy's? I didn't see it in the picture so I know that you must have been right in the front of it!

ruthrap said...

we were a bit further down the street, but caught most of the parade! took a while to find a parking spot and i missed the marching streaks so was nice to see your pictures...to me the fun part is watching the little ones dive for candy!

Darrell said...

Neil, these are actually taken down at the other end of downtown, but that reminded me that I never have posted your piture at Crappy's. Look for it tomorrow!