05 September, 2006

Who'd Name a Place "Crappy's"?

My good friend and colleague, Pastor Neil Smith of Zephyrhills, Florida has an affinity for using the word "crap." Last March he was up at our church to preach a revival and I was driving him around town and when he spotted Crappy's he just had to have his picture taken there. I meant to post these long ago, but forgot until yesterday he mentioned Crappy's in my post about the parade.
As promised Neil; here they are. I promise you that next time your are up we will have lunch at Crappy's.


Neil said...

I'll have to have "Crappy Wings!"

David Reish said...

Once you live in Florida, everything is "crappy!"

ruthrap said...

Neil, I must say, you look like a true "Crapper" posing in that doorway!he he

Anonymous said...

I just came across this page by accident... I am actually the person responsible for Crappy's Sports Pub ( the place in the picture)...just thought I would let you know that it was my husbands nickname from way back in school and that is where the name came from...I know some people might feel the name is an odd choice for a bar/restaurant but in actuality it can be credited for bringing in many, many interested people! I love the name and we now have 3 locations....seems to be doing well! Jennifer:-)

Darrell said...

I appreciate your taking time to leave a comment and telling me about this. As of yet, I have not been in Crappy's, but I will make it a point to come in for sure now.
If you happen to read this again, please respond and let me know where the other locations are.