28 August, 2006

God's Glory Filled The House

Last night at church there was one of the most awesome moves of God that I have experienced in some time. We were singing the song, "How Great Is Our God" when all of a sudden, you could just feel the genuine worship kick in all around the sanctuary. It was not just singing any longer, it was true, heart-felt worship to our Lord. People began to abandon themselves and lavish the Lord with praise, and the Spirit of God began to move in an awesome way.
At one point, Nathan, our drummer, suddenly began to worship the Lord with his drums. It was as if a bomb exploded inside that sanctuary as he began to play prophetically on the drums. For several minutes, he played under the anointing of the Holy Ghost, and the people let loose a shout of praise like I have seldom heard in our church.
Shortly after that, Shawn began to play and sing a new song under the anointing of God. It was just beautiful. Many throughout the church began to sing in the spirit.
Throughout all of this, two of the ladies were waving flags in worship at the front of the church.
I don't know if you have ever witnessed this, but to me, when someone is worshipping the Lord with the flags under the anointing, it is one of the most beautiful and most powerful things I have ever witnessed.

Suddenly a holy hush fell on the room. I really don't know how long it was, but it seemed like for 10-15 minutes there was an absolute holy hush that fell over us as we sat or stood quietly in the presence of the Lord. I had come into the service hurting terribly. My back was hurting so that I could hardly move, and I had been battling a headache for three days. I had said earlier in the worship service that I was expecting to leave the church that night healed. As we sat quietly before the Lord, the pain in my body left me completely. I was lying in the floor at that point, and I tried to get up, but I was so drunk in the Spirit that I could not stand, so I just sat there in the floor and praised the Lord silently for His mighty works.

When the silence was finally broken, praise went forth again, and there were several prophetic words spoken that absolutely confirmed what God had been speaking into my heart for several months. The ladies with the flags began to wave their flags again as they prayed and danced before the Lord. Their words in prayer were prophetic. God was speaking to His church. If you were not there, you just cannot appreciate what was being done in our church.

I know many of you read this blog from all over the country and even around the world, and some might wonder why I am sharing this here. Well, I felt led to let people know that Jehovah God is alive and well and moving in His church!
Get ready... because He is moving all across the land.
As my good friend Neil Smith says so often speaking about the promise of God...
"Isaac is coming!"


Neil said...

Hebrews 4:6 speaks of the promise of the rest of God and it says"That some must enter in"

I believe there is a place in God that we must chose if we will enter in...sounds to me like you made a choice! Last week I was thinking about some of the things that were said during my time with you in March, things that I spoke over Shawn, I needed to hear that he had stepped into it...thanks for sharing!


Amy said...

YES Last night was Amazing, I love when Gods holiness sweeps in and overtakes!!

I want to tell you someting after church I made a choice ,on sunday morning i babysit and havent been going to church but next sunday I AM Faithfully Going to Start Going!! what have i been thinking? letting the enemy steal my time with Gods people and also missing out on hearing his word and being a part of his will for our church,(hits herself on top of the head!!!) never going to let that happen again , I love our church , and I love my Pastor and his family (they are so awesome!!!) but most of all I LOVE JESUS!!!

David Reish said...

Sorry I missed it, I was really trying to get things tied up here to get down there for serivce. God is moving and this is just another thing to prove that He is REAL!

ruthrap said...

i shared what happened at church last nite with a Christian friend of mine and she agreed that God is moving more and more where His people are gathered and seeking Him...the drums were amazing but what really touched me the most was the sound of the big white flag waving...it gave me a feeling of such peace and assurance of God's love for us.