28 August, 2006

Waz Up With Dat????

This post began last Christmas, when my brother Danny (who we call Rat) decided he was going to be funny and take a goofy picture of himself with my camera while I was out of the room. I told him... and I quote: "Don't be surprised if that picture doesn't find it's way onto my blog site one day."
Well Rat... today's the day!
I was looking through some of my pictures today and saw this one of the Rat and then some others and I thought it was time to share them with the world.
Hope you enjoy!

Pay back time Rat!

My daughter Ashley hamming it up for the camera

My great-nephew Carter... being Carter
(Yes, I am that old that I am a great uncle)

Ashley again.
I'm telling you, she really is a beautiful child... but she sure can make some faces!

OK folks... when she see's this one, Pastor is a dead man!
She hasn't been blogging much lately, so maybe she won't see it???

That's it for today's edition of "Waz Up With Dat?"
Look for more in the future


monkey business said...

Well, its been nice knowing ya.
And Amber no one but dad decided to put yours in there. I had nothing to do with it.

Amy said...

hee hee well i know one thing if Pastor has a camra RUNNNNNN!!!

ruthrap said...

if anything would bring amber back to the blogscene, that picture just might. amber, get yer camera loaded, i believe retaliation is in order!!!

David Reish said...

I learned something a long time ago that has stuck with me, NEVER POST A PICTURE OF A WOMAN BEFORE OR AFTER HAVING A CHILD!

The 6 Karns' said...

Thank you David...I appreciate your ummm...sympathy (Is Lori standing over your shoulder?)

And actually, I think Daniel took the picture...


michigan preacher said...

Things that make you go "hmmm". The Dawg and the Rat in the same family? What does a reunion look like?