26 August, 2006

I Won!

It was a long, hard battle ma, but I won!

The ebay war is over... and I triumped.
I followed through with what I said I would do, and I sent a volley of email messages to them every hour until 4:00 PM... 25 messages at a time, which followed my first round of 100 messages. So, after roughly 300 emails, this fine fellow from ebay calls me, introduces himself and says, "You are not a very patient fellow, are you Mr. Garrett?" I said, "No sir, I am not. Especially not when it comes to the possibility of someone stealing my identity and my money!"
He laughed and said, "I can certainly understand that."

We then began the process of going through repairing my account. Someone had in fact hacked into my ebay account, but thankfully I caught it right away, so no real damage was done. Libby and I changed the passwords to everything on our computer and accounts, which really, everyone should do on a regular basis anyway.

So all is cool between me and ebay again... but I will proceed with extreme caution to make certain no other information has been pulled from my computer.

One thing I want to make clear to everyone: This was not ebay's fault.
I discovered that someone had somehow gotten a Trojan Horse into my computer. Most likely it got by while the kids were playing games online, which we have told them over, and over and over NEVER to do on my comuter... but if you have kids, you know how useless telling them not to do something is.
Thank God the only thing that appears to have been touched was the ebay account. It could have been devastating if they had gotten into other areas of the computer!

One more useful piece of information that I was told by ebay that I sure wish they had told me before...
There is a "Live Chat" on ebay that is actually chatting with ebay techs. If I had known this, I could have dealt with this 2 days ago, before this war began!


Amy said...

Praise Jesus , im glad that you got it settled !!!

David Reish said...

And here I was waiting for you to really get upset and send another 1000 emails!

Anonymous said...

lol david I was expecting a huge number also hahahahaha

yeah got to watch those trojan horse things. Just a note hahahahahah check for trojans.. THEN change passwords. My brother knew of a guy that had an ongoing problem.. changed password.. found the TJ.. they had his passwords so they were able to again upload TJ. He changed his password.. found the tj and removed it... still had the new passwords. It was finally when my bro says.. check for Tj THEN change passwords.. the guy did it that way and voila problem stopped.

Libby said...

I believe Darrell did it in that order. He usually does. Thanks for the tip.