18 January, 2017

Special Moments That Make It Matter

A few moments ago I had one of those moments that just automatically turn on the faucets of tears. I'm sick right now and have been pretty much off of my feet since Sunday night. I've been on antibiotics since Monday and still feeling pretty rough. Anyway, early this morning I received a call from a young mother in town who I've met with and counseled through some trying times. She said she'd heard I was sick and wanted to check on me. We talked for a few moments and the conversation ended. So, just a few minutes ago, I received another call from her and she said, that she had left something for me out on my porch. She said she did not have much, but she wanted to show me some love in return for all the times I'd been there for her. I went out on my porch and there I found a plastic container of chili with a handwritten note that said, "You are loved!"

Right now, sitting here eating that chili, I feel the best I've felt in awhile.

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