19 September, 2016

How Much Do You Have To Hate Someone?

I have shared this before, but felt it needed to be shared again. Pen Jillette is an atheist, yet he gets it so clearly. If you truly believe in God and a Heaven and Hell, and you don't share that news, then you must hate people. To believe that Jesus is real, that people who do not accept the gift of life offered through Jesus and not tell your friends, neighbors... everyone... Penn says you are filled with hate. Seriously... how much do you have to hate someone to call yourself a Christian, and yet entice people to sin by condoning their sin and even helping them to go deeper into sin? I know many "Christians" who provide the alcohol for others to drink in their homes and think that they are showing an example of Christ by not participating in drinking. It's like... "here, let me help you go to Hell."

I just don't get it.

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