09 September, 2016

A Great Example of True Love and Commitment!

When a couple gets married, they make a vow to one another before a Holy God to love and cherish each other, In times of joy and of sorrow; In times of plenty or of want; In sickness and in health; As long as they both shall live. What they are saying is, YOU are my priority, and I will always be there for you, no matter what.   
Sadly... many people don't even have a clue what they are saying as they put parents, children, friends, careers... you name it... before their spouse.

That's why I loved reading about Jrue Holiday, a player in the NBA who plays for New Orleans and how he took this vow very seriously. 
When his wife Lauren, was diagnosed with a brain tumor, he immediately told the NBA that he needed to leave to take care of his wife! Her health was of the utmost importance to him... more important than his career, fame, money... it just did not matter. What mattered was his wife and her health!
That's how it is supposed to be!
Biblical love is when we prefer others over ourselves. When you put other things before your marriage vow, you are sinning and driving a wedge between yourself and your spouse... a wedge that may end in a divorce.

I don't even know if Jrue is a Christian or not... but I can tell you he understands the meaning of the marriage vow.  Way to go Jrue Holiday! What a wonderful example you are!

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