03 August, 2016

Yeah, I'm Still Here

I've had a couple of people message me and email me wanting to know if I'd quit writing or if I was doing OK. The facts are that 1) I've been extremely busy working on the church building where I pastor, trying to get us ready ASAP because the mall where we are currently worshipping is going on the auction block and no one knows what will happen after next week. 2) My son sprung the news on us that he was getting married in 10 days, so we've been working feverishly to throw together a wedding while working some crazy hours at the church. But Daniel get's married tomorrow and we're at a point in the church where out of necessity, we need to slow down to get things done right the first time. I'll  be back to writing far more often in just a few more weeks. Don't give up on me!

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