07 August, 2016

What's Your Lineage?

I recently had a conversation with someone who took a lot of time laying out their accomplishments, their awards and so forth. Truthfully, they laid it on so thick that I was thinking, "OK, does your family line descend from royalty or what?" They asked me about my family and I told them that my family history is quite "colorful" in that my family knew Jesse and Frank James and rode with the Younger Brothers and the story is that Pat Garrett, who shot Billy the Kid, is in my family line. The person asked me how he was related, and I told him that I did not know. He responded, "If that were true, I would think a person would have that lineage traced and boast about it!"  My response to him was that it did not really matter to me because my self-worth is not defined by family lineage, education, successes, fame or social recognition. He looked at me stunned and then asked what did matter to me... to which I responded, "what matters to me is that the blood of Jesus has transformed my life and I am now in the lineage of the King of Kings!" The conversation suddenly ended right there. 

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