22 August, 2016

Superstar or Faithful? Give Me Faithful

Over the many years that I've served as a pastor, I've noticed something that few people talk about. There is a segment in every church that is the unsung heroes. They are not the names that come up often in discussions, nor are they seen on the church platform or speaking in front of people. They are the people who quietly remain, year after year, decade after decade while the "big names" come and go from church to church making their splash and then move on again. It seems the teachers, the musicians, and vocal crowd get all the attention and recognition, but truth be told, the core of the church is that quiet group that appears to be insignificant. They are there week after week, month after month faithfully worshipping God and supporting the church and ministry. Their names may never be widely known on earth... but I guarantee you this much... GOD NOTICES!  After 30 years in the ministry and 25 years of being a pastor, I can say with a certainty that I'll take a church full of those "unknowns" over the most talented and charismatic superstar that will only be with you for a few years before they move on. I contend that God is not looking for the splash, the flash, or the bang... he is looking for those who are faithful. I'll take the same, please.

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