22 August, 2016

Do I Look That Stupid?

OK... Don't answer that.

Here's the deal. Today I had someone who had done a lot of harm to me and my ministry tell me they were coming back to the church where I pastor. I told them that they would not be coming back unless they were willing to stand in front of the church and apologized before the church body and told the truth about the lies and gossip they spread about me and the church. The person went fairly ballistic on me and told me that I was not fit to be called a man of God (and yet they want to come back to this church? SMH) because I had bitterness and unforgiveness in my heart. I told this person that I meant it when I told them a few years ago that I forgave them, BUT forgiveness does not mean that I am dumb enough to leave myself and my church open to the same sort of attack again and explained that if they stood before the church and confessed and apologized, it did two things. One, it gave the entire church the opportunity to forgive them and Two, it pretty well made it impossible for a repeat of the previous actions because all doubt would be removed as to just what the truth was before.  Well, suffice it to say this person will not be returning to the church. Judging by the things that were said as they left me, I'm guessing that the attacks probably started again... but that's ok. I've got broad shoulders.

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