01 March, 2016

When Does the Double Standard End?

I read a story online this morning about a couple in Texas who own a bakery and they declined to make a cake for a same sex wedding. Thankfully, Texas has passed laws which protect the rights of people to exercise their religious beliefs within the practice of their business, so the family will not face a law suit. However, they are being attacked through protests and online slander and assaults to the point that they have had to shut down their online presence on Facebook and other social media.  If this sort of thing was being done toward a homosexual couple, there would be a swift and powerful move to stop it and punish whoever was behind it. But we all know that no one is allowed to speak out against gays. In fact, I would not be surprised if I am attacked over this post. Lord knows I've been attacked before because I dared speak up.  The double standard is absolutely ridiculous. I saw the above cartoon/editorial a couple of years ago and saved it. It speaks volumes. Can you even imagine if members of the KKK complained because a black baker refused to make a cake for them?  Right.

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