15 January, 2016

The Roof Is Going On

After 64 days of my church sitting there without a roof, construction actually began yesterday. They tore the remaining pieces of the roof out yesterday and began setting the trusses in place, and finished setting them this morning. As of this afternoon they are putting the decking in place. I just came from there and I'm wondering if their timing was all that smart because it will be dark in less than 3 hours and they only had about a quarter of the roof decked. That is particularly bad because there is a pressure front coming through this afternoon and temps will fall drastically and we will have wind chills of 15-20 below zero for the next several days and they will not be able to work in that, leaving the building susceptible do a lot more damage if water gets in during this time because it will be coming directly into the building now with nothing to stop it. Just hoping those guys work fast this afternoon. 

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