15 January, 2016

Is The Window About to Close?

I was reading the news this morning and I saw a story talking about all the unrest in Germany and how they were on the brink of a civil war over the "refugee" situation there. Suddenly I was reminded of something that I've not thought of in awhile. 

In February of 1999 I was preaching a series of revivals in Berlin, Germany when one night I spoke a prophetic word to the church. I was in a church on the former East Berlin side. Remember, the Berlin Wall had only been down for less than 10 years at that point. I turned to the pastor and told him that "a window had opened" for them to preach the Gospel and they needed to move fast while that window was open to reach as many as they can for I saw that window being shut and boarded up. I spoke to them that I saw a civil war coming to Germany within a generation and when that war came there would be a shutting down of the churches and great persecution to follow. I've thought about this a few times over the years, but looking at what is unfolding across Germany right now I am reminded that if a generation is 20 years, time is growing short before that window again is shut.

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