19 December, 2015

Why All the Excuses?

I have never understood why people come up with all the excuses for why they miss church. If you don't want to go, just say so. When you say you're sick, as pastor I get concerned and I pray. When you are out for weeks, even months with that sickness then I am deeply concerned, but begin to wonder if it is sickness or sick of church. When you say you no longer have transportation, I worry about you and try to find someone to help with your groceries and getting you to and from church. But then you turn down those who offer to help, so I begin to realize that maybe you just want me to leave you alone... so I stop calling. The next thing I know, someone is telling me you don't come to church because the pastor does not care enough. Really? When do the excuses stop? When do you own up to the fact that you really don't want to attend worship and you just don't have the integrity to say so. Why all the excuses? Even if you fool everyone around you, God knows. So if you've decided you no longer want to go to church just be big enough to say so and stop with the charades.

Rant over.

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