06 December, 2015

Update on the Church

The last three and a half weeks have been so busy and stressful that I have not know if I was coming or going. It's now been almost a month since the storm ripped the roof off our church and to date we have not been able to even start on repairs. The building is still taking on water, although much slower, as they have been able to tarp it off for the most part. Still, some water is getting in, and the effort to dry the building is a never ending battle. They've had 20-30 machines (fans, dehumidifiers and other equipment running round the clock for almost a month, plus the heat has been set at 80 degrees running 24 hours a day for almost 4 weeks. They are informing that this utility bill will come out of the portion of our policy which pays for us to rent other facilities. I'm fighting them on this because this utility bill is going to be astronomical and will eat up a huge part of our alloted funs leaving us to pay for renting a place out of pocket. I can't see how this is not part of the repair costs and it should come from that portion of the insurance.  Then we are having major problems with the adjuster on this too. This guy is rude, crude and obnoxious. He has cussed out some of the workers from the construction crew because they have pointed out damage he has not seen. He is trying to tell us that the roof over the sanctuary is sound and secure even though we have at least 12-15 spots in the suspended ceiling tiles that are wet. We showed him and he argues that he has walked the roof and it is secure. I said, "Dude, I don't really care what or where you've walked, water is getting in here from somewhere!" He just keeps saying the roof is OK. I'm afraid we are going to end up in a lawsuit if this insurance company does not do as we have asked and send us another adjuster.  I've been so stressed and down right angry at times that I've had to walk away from the guy before we got into a huge blow up. But I know one is coming soon if something does not give. 

Say a prayer for us. This is obviously not going to be a smooth process and as I said, we may end up in court before it is all over. I don't want it to go that way, but I'm not about to let them treat this church unfairly and leave the building with damage. 

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