12 December, 2015

It Got Ugly Yesterday

Dealings with the Insurance Adjuster turned rather ugly yesterday. This guy has been making veiled threats to me and the church that if we did not accept what he was proposing that they insurance "might" disallow our claim entirely or in part. I called his bluff, spoke to an attorney and then called him back with the legal ins and out of where we stood and how I could take him to court over his statements and that the church would in fact win and be awarded a rather large some of money due to punitive damages because of his false and intimidating statements. He then began calling me a liar saying he had never made such statements and that he had witnesses. I told him that I had already spoken to his witnesses and they had indicated that they heard him say exactly what I said he had said. I then spoke to the person handling our claim with the insurance company and they informed me that I was completely correct in what I was saying but that I probably "misunderstood or misinterpreted" the adjuster. I told the person that I was not interested in dragging this in court, but that I was not going to be intimidated or bullied in any way and that we needed to get this thing rolling and if we had one more problem with this adjuster that I would be demanding a new one be assigned to us. Suddenly things are looking up a bit. We still have a couple of major sticking points on how they are interpreting the policy which will means thousands of dollars my church will have to pay out of pocket if we cannot resolve them, but I'm not finished fighting just yet. Hopefully we will be sitting down with the designer this week to design the new roof and getting the trusses ordered. It's looking like we will be out of our building until at least mid to late February; possibly longer. 
I will be so glad when we get this done!

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