11 November, 2015

Changing the Way We Think

I've been doing some teaching in my church on reaching the lost, winning souls and something called "power evangelism" which means that signs and wonders follow after believers in Christ as we carry out the mission and purpose of Christ. The tendency has been that we (Christians) try to get people to church where we can have them prayed for by the pastor and elders or evangelist and believe for their healing. But the New Testament model is that all believers prayed for people on the streets, places of business... where ever they were and they expected miracles to happen. We are trying to re-direct our church to that New Testament model. But that means we have to change our thinking... on many levels. I just want to mention something briefly that happened today to illustrate how my manner of thinking kept me from doing what the early church would have done. 

Today, I ran into a husband and wife in a store and she was telling me about some problems she was having with her eyes and what the doctors were doing but that she was not getting any better. I told her I would be praying for her (and I really meant that) and after a few minutes of talking excused myself and said that I really had to run in order to get dinner cooked.  That was absolute truth, as I did have dinner started and had to run to the store, BUT, I had time to pray. I just did not even think about it, because I've become conditioned to telling people I will pray rather than being bold enough to stop what I am doing and pray right there on the spot. This is an area I need to change the way I think. I'm troubled tonight because I missed a golden opportunity to exercise the God-given authority over that disease in her eyes and speak healing and restoration in her life. What might have happened if right there in the grocery store a miracle took place?  I blew it this time. God help me to change my thinking so that I don't blow another opportunity.

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