19 September, 2015

Isolation Is a Mistake

I've been around the church long enough to know this much... when Christians begin to pull away and isolate themselves from the church, it is a sign that spiritually they are dying. They may deceive themselves as they try to tell others that they are "trying to get closer to God" but the fact is that one of the key aspects of the church is the sense of family and fellowship. When you cut yourself off from that, you are cutting off something God designed, and once you cut off the flow, the festering and slow death begins, just as if you cut off the flow of blood to a part of your own body. Are their problems within the church? You bet. It's that way in any church. Where ever you have people, you are going to have differences and issues that crop up. But family overlooks shortcomings and confronts and deals with issues in order to keep the family intact. Take a look at our culture today. The readily accepted methodology for dealing with problems is to NOT deal with them, but divorce yourself from the family. We have a fragmented society and regretfully, we have a fragmented Body of Christ. Withdrawing oneself and isolating will almost always result in death or divorce.

Just typing what I hear the Spirit speaking.

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