11 August, 2015

What's Wrong With Democratic Socialism?

If you are not into politics or are simply not paying attention to what is taking shape in America right now, there is a rise in people calling for Democratic Socialism. Bernie Sanders is leading the charge and igniting the drive in some folks to throw out capitalism in America and switch over to Democratic Socialism. Most of those clamoring over this idea are young minds still in high school or college who have been brainwashed by a liberal dominated education system and these young people fawn over the idea of a utopian society where everyone is "equal" and shares and shares alike. They think it would be wonderful if no one was "better off" than the next guy and we all held hands and sang songs around the campfire. 

The problem is really quite simple... we don't live in utopia. People will always be people and want more than the other guy. The rule of thumb in life is "He with the most marbles rules the Kingdom."  It always has been this way and always will be this way. The socialist experiment sounds wonderful... and it would be wonderful... if it were not for the simple fact that it is innate within every human being that they want to rise to the top. Watch children on the playground. All on their own, eventually, someone will "take over" and be running the show. I don't care how many times you try the experiment, the outcome will always be the same. So, it is a simple fact of life that in societies which have tried socialism, it always lead's to tyranny or dictatorships. Why? Because the great flaw in socialism is that it values the group over the individual. That sounds absolutely WONDERFUL... but the fact is that when you value the group over individuality, it necessarily means an end to  individual rights. 

I'll be one of the first to say  that capitalism is far from perfect, but always lead's to more freedom because capitalism lends itself to giving people freedom and choice in their lives. Let me illustrate it this way: Let's say that someone is wanting to buy athletic shoes, for example. In your town or city, you can buy shoes at Walmart, Target, Kmart, JC Penney, Champs,  Finishline... or you can go home and order them online if you desire. The point is, you have a choice. You can choose the store of your liking, the one that (in your opinion) has the best product, brand, price  or whatever factor's you that you personally choose from. But in a Democratic Socialist system, the government decides which companies and stores are allowed to remain open, limiting choices. We've witnessed our current President trying to do this here in America with our healthcare, banks and choices in cars we drive. They choose whose company is allowed to survive and which ones to close.  In short, in Socialism, it means that people will have no incentive to work hard, or create good products or services. Can you imagine if your job is driving a taxi cab, and you bust your hump all night and do exceptionally well and receive well above normal tips from your customers... but at the end of your shift, you had to take all that you've made, put it into a pool and share it equally with two other drivers who parked their cabs and took naps that night?  That is exactly what socialism is... and YES, Democratic Socialism does the same thing!  This is what happened to Russia, food became scarcer, good workers became rare because no one cared, except for the corrupt leaders who owned and ruled everything. 

I can sum all this up very shortly... those who long for this utopian society are expecting that everything and everyone will be "fair"... but the reality is that such "fairness" does not exist! If it did, and if you could remove the human factor from the equation... socialism would work beautifully. But that is only a dream, concocted by those corrupt leaders who see the opportunity to elevate themselves to the to of the heap and rule over the masses. This is exactly what Adolf Hitler did. He sold the people a dream of utopia... and for awhile, he delivered as he revived their economy, gave everyone a Volkswagon (which means "the people's car") and had them falling at his feet and worshipping him. And we all know how the all turned out. 

No... Socialism (even Democratic Socialism) will not work. It's a pipe dream. But what we have is far better anyway. We have the freedom of opportunity. This is what made America so great and has caused so many millions of people from around the world risk life and limb to come to this great land of opportunity. We each have pro's and con's in life, and capitalism means that any of us can get past them to work hard, and create a better life for themselves and their families. Yes, it has it's problems, but it is the best thing going on this planet. If it were not true, why would everyone be trying to come here?

Socialism just never has worked, never will work.

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