21 July, 2015

Update on my Weight

I've not given any updates in awhile, but I'm still working on making some changes in my life, eating better, adding exercise as I can and trying to trim some of these pounds off of me. I started in March and had tremendous weight loss the first few weeks, but then it slowed down. We've been on the road a lot since the first of June and it was much more difficult to stay with my plan while traveling. In fact, I gained 5 lbs back during our church Camp Meeting and 12 days on the road for vacation. Since then, I've gotten back on track and lost that weight I'd gained, plus a little more. When I began, I was at 218.5 and as of today, I weighed in at 202. I'm really pleased with losing 16.5 pounds this far. My goal I set was to be at 195 by Christmas, so I am well able to do that.

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