01 May, 2015

Week 6 Update

Six weeks of this struggle to make changes in my life, drop some weight and eat a more healthy diet. This past week was really rough to try to maintain this because we were in revival in Pekin which meant a lot of quick meals, and then Friday we went to Six Flags and believe me there was NOTHING there to eat that was healthy. We had more than 100 kids with us so packing our own food was not much of an option. Long story short, I did my best through a very different week, and I put one pound back on. I'm not happy with that, but it could and probably should have been a whole lot worse. So I'm not going to be really down on myself, but it makes me realize even more that these changes must be life-long changes, not just a "diet" to lose weight. I'm back on track and believing to at least be back down by that one pound by this time next week.

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