22 March, 2015

Have You Made Vows To God?

I find myself sitting here wondering just what it is going to take for some people to wake up. I've witnessed person after person and family after family walk through major crisis and in the midst of the storm make vows before God, "If you'll get us through this, I (or my family) am going to make changes in our lives, and we are going to start going to church and serving You." I really believe they fully meant those words when they prayed them and proclaimed them to me and others; but with the passage of time their need for God's help and their thankfulness for what He has done for them fades from memory and they begin to make excuses for not going to church just like they always did. What they fail to realize is that every time they do something like this it pulls them further and further away from God. Believing in God means nothing. Satan and his demons believe in God. Surrender of your life to His will is what matters. I fear some people are so lulled into a trance or sleep that the only thing that will awaken them is a major crisis or death... but I've seen that too and usually at that point, all they do is blame God for taking their loved ones. I pray they all wake up before it is too late because none of us has the guarantee of making it through this day alive. 

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