20 December, 2014

I'm Heartbroken... and I'm MAD!

There is a righteous anger burning within me tonight as we learn more details about the execution of two NYPD cops. They were assassinated simply because they were policemen who chose to serve mankind in one of the most un-appreciated professions you will find... especially over the last few months. The race-baiting "so-called" leaders of the black community, the politicians and anyone else that has stirred hatred toward police have blood on their hands tonight. The foul mouthed "artists" (I use that term loosly) who rapped about killing cops are guilty of accessory to murder. New York City Mayor,  Bill de Blasio is at the head of this list of those with blood on his hands, and if he had a shred of decency within him, he would immediately resign from office due to his incredible abuse of position. His words and actions have done nothing but fan the flames of hatred which has led to many acts of violence, culminating in this heineous crime today. And don't get me started on the media. Networks like CNN and MSNBC and others which ran almost 24 hour coverage over the death of Michael Brown have barely mentioned the murder of these policemen!  They too (the media) and especially Al Sharpton are responsible for creating and fueling a hatred toward all police and have yet to tell the full truth over the Brown case and continue to spin stories which draw viewers and fuel violence. And then, as I read on a Facebook post by one of my friends who is also a pastor, we must also assign guilt and shame to many "preachers" who used their pulpits to fan hatred, racism and violence toward the police. These preachers should fall on their faces before God and beg for forgiveness for what they have done. They sold their pulpits for money, fame and selfish agendas. America as a Nation needs to hang her head in shame tonight, then rise up and put a stop to these hate mongers who are dividing this Nation as never before. Enough is enough. I'm heart broken tonight... but I am also angry. I hope many others get angry too and we take our Nation back from those who seek to destroy her. 

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