27 August, 2014

"Pastor, life just sucks right now."

I spent a couple of hours with someone who is just going through it. I won't go into their personal issues, other than to use one quote from something they said to me. They were trying to express what all is happening in their life and in their family and finally they just hung their head and said, "Pastor life just sucks right now."  They then started to apologize and said that God must really think they were pathetic. On the contrary... God knows what you are walking through, and he does not look down his nose at you and condemn those feelings. I believe God would say, "I know and understand my child." It's not like God is a far off God, completely detached from what we are experiencing and feeling. He knows. He cares. (I think I feel a sermon coming on.) This exactly where the whole, "casting all your cares upon him, for he cares for you comes into play.  To that one that I spent this morning with and countless others who feel the same way, please know that God loves you and he wants to take the load from your shoulders.

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