28 August, 2014

Be Encouraged!

The last few weeks have be rough. That's a tremendous understatement, but suffice it to leave it at that. I'm not whining or complaining, just stating fact. Anyway, I've been sitting in my office working on my sermon for Sunday and just felt the need to stop working and remind myself of who my God is and all that he has done for me. As I began to encourage myself in the Lord, I found myself getting really happy in my spirit man and as I looked at my current situation and circumstances, it really did not seem all that big anymore because I realize that this current moment is not my destiny and I know that this is temporary. God has much more in store for me and I'm not in this alone.  As I was thinking on these things, I found myself thinking about and then singing this old song.  Hope it ministers to someone else today as it did for me.

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