14 July, 2014

We Are Handing Over Our Freedom's

Thomas Sowell said the following concerning the Obama Administration's approach to governing:

...What they are trying to do is create an America very unlike the America that has existed for centuries — the America that people have been attracted to by the millions from every part of the world, the America that many generations of Americans have fought and died for. This is the America for which Michelle Obama expressed her resentment before it became politically expedient to keep quiet. 
It is the America that the Rev. Jeremiah Wright denounced in his sermons during the 20 years when Barack Obama was a parishioner, before political expediency required Obama to withdraw and distance himself.

The thing most associated with America — freedom — is precisely what must be destroyed if this is to be turned into a fundamentally different country to suit Obama's vision of the country and of himself.
But do not expect a savvy politician like Barack Obama to express what he is doing in terms of limiting our freedom. He may not even think of it in those terms. He may think of it in terms of promoting "social justice" or making better decisions than ordinary people are capable of making for themselves, whether about medical care or housing or many other things.

To this day, no one has been able to explain to me how someone (i.e. Mr. Obama) can spend the whole of his adult life associating with, and being mentored by, leftist radicals who despise what the United States has traditionally stood for, yet still maintain a mainstream value system and a traditional view of our country. Yet this is the deception that millions of Americans bought into, not once... but TWICE!

Now we are all paying the price. What truly amazes me is that most of those left leaning minds still will not put the blame where it belongs. Instead, they blame politics as a whole. Ladies and gentlemen, this is is about the Progressive Agenda. Powerful people who bankrolled and created Obama. They duped millions of people into voting for the color of a man's skin rather than what he stood for. Seven years ago I was screaming from this blog to stop and LISTEN to what this man was saying because he clearly stated what his agenda was, yet nobody listened. They were enchanted with the notion of making history by voting the first black man into the office of President. They were so caught up in that powerful spell that now, after six disastrous years under his leadership, all they can do is scream "racist" every time anyone dare oppose Obama. I think some of you need to look up the definition of "racist" and then take a good long look in a mirror.

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