05 January, 2014

Uh... Oopps?

We had to get out today to take care of a few things, and let me tell you, 1) the roads were nasty, 2) it was COLD (and windy) 3) people were driving like idiots. While we were out we decided to pop in Wendy's for lunch. We had to get a running start at getting in the parking lot because the plows  had gone by and buried their entrance. The place was mostly deserted. There was a guy who'd just placed his order and one other person in the store. The customer at the counter looked like a cranky, sour faced man, just giving us hateful looks. I asked the girl working if they had been busy at all and she said that there had only been a few people in all day. I said, "I guess only those of us who are crazy enough to get out in this." The cranky dude just stared at me with this snarl on his face. Of course I could not let it rest and made a couple of other comments about the terrible conditions. My wife said that if we did not have to be out in it, that we would not have left the house. (More dirty looks.) I was in a great mood and kept singing the 50's tune on that was playing in the store and he obviously was not amused. (Like I cared.) I was not going to let anyone ruin a good day. I mean, if this weather could not sour my day/mood, then I sure was not going to let some cantankerous curmudgeon bring me down. lol

Anyway... the crank left the store with his food and as the girl started filling our order, she said to the kitchen that she was still holding on an Asiago Chicken Sandwich. The manager said, "I put that up first." The girls eyes got huge as she realized that she'd given the cranky dude my wife's chicken sandwich instead of his hamburger. I could see the worry on her face. I could tell that she knew this cranky dude was going to come back mad now. So I said, "When he comes back in, just tell him that I said he needed to get happy."  She said, "I know, right?"  I commented that he just seemed to be in a really foul mood and did not seem to appreciate my comment about only the crazy people being out. She said that she said his eyes were like fire when I said that. I said, "Oh well!"  Some people really just need to take a chill pill and enjoy life a little bit.

Now... off to eat my soup and watch Joe Verses the Volcano.

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