27 December, 2013

Can It Be?

Tonight we are in Orlando, and as Libby and I were walking across our resort to go to the hot tub, I said to her, "I've spent more of my life with you than I did without you!" Tomorrow we will celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary while we are at Disney World. I was just a few weeks shy of being 27 years old when we were married, and the truth is, I don't really remember what it was like any more being without her. And I sure cannot fathom what I'd do without her now... and I pray I don't have to find out what that is like for a long, long time. There was a line in a movie some years ago that may sound cheesy, but it is so true... "you complete me."  Libby completed me. The day I met her, I knew she was the woman that was destined to be my wife. Some that don't know us well may be shocked to know that we were married just 8 weeks after we met. Most people said it would never work. Her father told me the day that we got married that he gave us 6 months. Many people said I was marrying her for her money. (I told her sister that today and Jackie burst out laughing and said, "what money?!" Others rumored that she was pregnant. Guess that one got squashed when we had our first child 5 and a half years after we got married. lol   No... the fact is that very few gave us much of a chance. But we both knew that it was the Lord who led us to each other, and it has been the Lord who has helped us to make it together for 28 years. Sure, we've had our ups and downs like every couple does, but we made a decision long ago that divorce was never an option for us. When you take that option off the table, it means you have to talk and work things out. So many misunderstand that and they take the easy way out.... or what looks like the easy way... they give up before they have really given love the chance to grow. As I said, we've had issues... but working through those issues and problems have made us stronger and more determined and I believe it has caused our love to grow even deeper than it was in our youth. 

It really is hard to realize we've been together this long... but honey, I'm so glad you beat it into my head that divorce was never an option and made me man up and stay when I wanted to run. You've made me a better man, husband, father and pastor. You've taught me how to stand and fight when I wanted to run away and hide. You've given me a wonderful life, and if I were to tie tomorrow, I want you to know that while we may not be wealthy, I consider us to be rich. We are blessed. I am blessed to have you and the family we have built together. I love you more than life, and I'm so glad that 28 years ago we made the decision to spend our lives together.

Happy Anniversary my love!

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Dorothy Osborne said...

My husband went to live with Jesus just 3 months after our 50th wedding anniversary. People said it wouldn't last six months. What do people know? When God puts people together He helps them stay together. God's glue will keep it together.