20 December, 2013

Kudos Tomkins State Bank

I had to take just a minute to publicly give kudos to our bank, Tomkins State Bank. If you are not aware, Target announced yesterday that their system had been compromised making the banking information of more than 40 million customers vulnerable if you had used a credit or debit card in their stores in the past 30 days. This morning before 8:30 I received a call from an employee of Tomkins telling me that they had reviewed all their accounts and anyone who had used a card at Target during that time period was pulled and they are issuing a new card and greatly restricting the current card until the new one arrives. They were very apologetic for the inconvenience. I told them not to apologize, that I greatly appreciated the steps they are taking to protect their customers. I won't name names, but I can pretty well bet that another well known bank in town will not be doing anything like this. Well done Tomkins. Things like this show exactly why we switched to your bank a couple of years ago.

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