21 December, 2013

Well Said Dr. Carson

I really like Dr. Ben Carson. He is a well educated, well spoken, self made man who has risen from the depths of poverty to become one of, if not the best neurosurgeons in the world. He refuses to play the political games that is so common when coming from the background that he was raised in. It is difficult not to respect anyone who can think for themselves and is not afraid of the political and social backlash that will come his way because he chooses to throw out all the excuses and demand that everyone take responsibility for themselves. Concerning this whole blow up over the comments made by Phil Robertson, Dr. Carson had the following to say. I believe he nails it. The problem is those on the left don't want to discuss anything. Rather, their goal is to silence anyone who does not believe as they believe. The call this "tolerance."  They tell everyone that Robertson's words are a hate filled attack on the gay community. Really? I would be willing to bet that 90% or more of those on the left who are making such accusations have not actually read ALL of what Phil said in it's context. There was no hatred involved. You want to see hatred? Take a look at Alec Baldwin's anti-gay rant. But the left has given him a pass, because he is one of their own and to attack him does not further their REAL agenda.  Give the quote by Ben Carson a good read. Pay especial attention to his quote from Saul Salinsky near the end. This is their goal... to demonize anyone who does not fit their ideals. Sounds a little like Hitler... doesn't it?

"The recent controversy over Phil Robertson of A&E's Duck Dynasty is symptomatic in how society has migrated from the principles that founded our nation. Our nation was founded by men who had strong Judeo Christian beliefs. As we move away from that precise belief system there are going to be more conflicts of this nature. The real question we must ask ourselves is have we improved human nature to the point where we no longer regard the Judeo Christian principles that founded our nation as worthwhile. Additionally we must ask is it important for people to be able to express their beliefs or more important to hide their beliefs. Unless we can openly discuss these kinds of situations we become a plastic society in which no one actually knows what anyone truly stands for. It is time for us to grow up and act like mature individuals who can discuss our differences hopefully and perhaps come to some reasonable understanding. This controversy is the very reason I rail so strongly against political correctness.

Remember the words of Saul Salinsky the original community organizer who said "Never to have a discussion with your adversary for that humanizes them and your job is to demonize them". Let us move away from this senseless philosophy and begin to think of ways that we can uplift and encourage each other and not tear each other down. This must be done through civil and cogent discourse."

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