08 October, 2013

Sometimes It Just Seems Unfair

Doesn't it sometimes seem like those who don’t serve God get all the breaks and recognition in life? Seriously, you have a co-worker who lives like the devil, cheats, lies and steals, and lo and behold... they get the promotion. We've all seen it. It really seems that "those" folks advance in the business world and rise above others at work. Not only that, it seems like the one who does not serve God, doesn't give to the church or other charities seem to be the one's with the nicest houses and cars. I'm sure we've all been there to where is just sometimes seems like the Christians are doing all they know to do, and they just keep plugging away, serving God, and all the while feel like they have gotten the short end of the stick. If we will be honest... it really does feel this way at times. 
But can I tell you... it won’t always be this way.

Yesterday in my sermon I preached about Jacob and how he saw Rachel and wanted to make her his wife, and her father, Laban, made a deal that if he worked 7 years for him he would give him his daughter to marry. After the 7 years, Laban tricked him into marrying his other daughter, Leah. When Jacob protested, Laban told him that if he'd work 7 more years he'd give him Rachel to marry too. Jacob agreed and worked 7 more years. During this time, he was nothing more than a slave. He was taken advantage of and abused. He was making Laban more wealthy while he got nothing, except the promise of Rachel. It had to seem unfair.  But God was not finished. God's blessing was on Jacob and He turned it around and Jacob became wealthy and when he left Laban he had more wealth than Laban had. But you have to know that in that period, more than 14 years, he had to feel like God had forgotten him and wondered about the whole situation.

Yes, sometimes it seems like those who don't serve God get all the breaks and promotions... but the story is not over yet.
In Malachi 3:18 it says, “You will again see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve God and those who do not.” 

The point is this... while others may not see a person’s service to God, God does, and one day God will make that service known. But another thing to consider, that we often don't, is that the unrighteous who seem to be getting ahead may very well be having problems that you and I know nothing about. And, unlike you and I, they can’t take those problems to God for help. I don't know about you, but I'd rather have the peace and assurance I get from knowing God than all of the promotions and money that the world has to offer, and I keep my eye to the future, where I know that God will reward those who have served Him faithfully. That’s His promise... and we can rest in the assurance that He will keep it.

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