28 October, 2013

Americans... Time to Take a Stand!

Something truly amazing is beginning to happen in America. Right before our very eyes we are beginning to see Americans waking up to the unbelievable overreach of the U.S. government. Even far left leaning liberal Hollywood elitists are beginning to open their eyes and say, "Hey, wait a minute!" The part of it that makes me sad is that they refuse to point out that their beloved Barack Omaba is behind this. Not ONE of them are willing to lay the blame at his feet. How sad that they cannot let go of their political slant to admit that he is a problem. Before you go there, I will freely and LOUDLY admit that Bush and his administration were guilty of this. I spoke out about it then and have zero problem admitting that there was much of what Bush did that I stood and still stand diametrically opposed to. I'm and American... not a Republican. It simply amazes me that when Obama was running for office he attacked Bush for the Patriot Act and similar other activities, but now that he is in the White House, rather than put a stop to the spying of Americans, he has caused it to escalate. 

Americans, time to stand up together... before it's too late and we see hundreds of thousands, or more likely millions of American citizens thrown into prisons and camps and/or murdered. We are closer to this than what you are willing to see or admit!

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