10 August, 2013

Do These Really Compare?

I just read an article on CBS News that was downplaying all of Obama's vacations. They are claiming that Bush took more vacations that Obama has. The question is, how do you define, "vacation"?  Also, at question is what is the cost? How many people went along?  Here is a quote from that article: 
"CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller, who keeps comprehensive records of Mr. Obama's vacation days, finds that the president, taken much less time off than his predecessor.
Mr. Obama has been on 14 vacations since taking office, spanning all or part of 92 days. At this same point in his presidency, George W. Bush, had made 50 visits to his Texas ranch, totaling all or parts of 323 days. In addition, at this point in his presidency, Bush had made seven visits to his parents home in Kennebunkport, Maine, spending all or part of 26 days there."
By comparison, the Obama's have made trips to Africa (twice) Hawaii (several times), Spain, Martha's Vineyard (3 times), Colorado, Florida, New York, Chicago and this does not include the jumping on a plain to play gold somewhere. Now add to this that when the Obama's go on vacation, they take an entourage of family members and others. For instance, this current trip to Martha's Vineyard they have more than 70 people in tow.  Maybe I see it differently, but going to your home in Texas, or as Reagan often did to the Ranch is a far cry different than renting the some of the most expensive places on earth for a week or more at a time for 70 people!  
Come on CBS... let's compare apples to apples!

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