12 August, 2013

Crazy Dream or Warning?

Call me weird, but I keep having dreams of something catastrophic happening that shakes the entire world. This is at least the fourth dream now. I'm not sure if it was 4 or 5 times I've had this dream. In every dream it was September/October and in the dreams I saw what looked like fire falling from the skies around the world intermittently and in some places massive fireballs fell. New York, Chicago and Los Angeles were devastated, not so much by the fire falling, but there were thousands of people swarming the streets in the aftermath and the people were looting and burning buildings and killing people. Communications systems were wiped out almost completely. The dreams were really strange, because it was almost as if I were watching a TV as I saw scenes from around the world of people looting stores and hoarding food. There were military forces all over the place. I saw two distinct uniforms. One force was wearing  green and blue uniforms and the other was wearing green uniforms. They were working together and they filled the streets of the cities mentioned above. Honestly, I can't make sense of a lot of this, but I know I kept hearing "six days" over and over. I'm not sure what the significance of that is. I have been wondering if it means six days of unrest? I just don't know. 

If this had only been one dream, I would have not written or said anything, but like I said, I keep having this same dream. Each dream is not exactly the same. It is like I'm seeing things from a different vantage point, yet the things I'm seeing are the same in different locations. It may be nothing. I sure hope it is. But I keep feeling like we need to do something to be prepared, just in case. I'm beginning to buy some extra food and bottled water just in case. You do what you feel led.

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