29 June, 2013

Who's Serving Who?

Thirty two years ago this month I surrendered my life to God as I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I began preaching not long after that. I've been thinking a lot about what I've seen in the church in my lifetime, and especially since I've been in the ministry. I've got to be honest, the church of 2013 holds very little resemblance to the church of  my youth. The role of the church has changed. The attitude of the world at large has greatly changed about the church, but so has the attitude of the people who sit in the church pews on Sunday. Commitment? There is little or none of that any more. Going to church is optional, if nothing better to do comes up, then they come but people think nothing of missing for weeks or months at a time and even say that God told them to. Sorry, God does not contradict his Word. It was not that way when I was growing up. Church was so important that we arranged ALL of our life events and schedules so that it did not hinder us from being in church. It was that important to us. Now, we'll stay home for any or no reason. The majority of people just don't see it as being that important to us. 
And when it comes to living for the Lord... it's sad to say that a huge portion of the church doesn't even have a clue what it means to "live for the Lord."  God is actually nothing more for them than someone to call on when they are in trouble. They treat God as if He were a Genie in a lamp... placing him on the shelf and out of thought and mind until they need something next time around. The church by and large knows very little about servant hood... they want to come to church, be entertained and made to feel good about themselves. 
Paul wrote that when we encounter Christ and are born again that we are a new creation and all things are new. Can you honestly say that of most Christians today? Now days the trend is to preach/teach a watered down gospel with hyper grace mixed in that tells people that you don't have to change a thing... God loves you just the way you are. That last statement is true. God does love you the way that you are, and he gave his life because of that love. The proper response to that kind of love should be a changed life. For us to continue to sin is a slap in the face of Jesus. Paul says in Romans that we, in effect, re-crucify him when we continue to sin. But that's another issue... in most churches today, you won't hear anything said about sin. Instead, we hear prosperity, blessings and a motivational talk about being all you can be. The blood is seldom preached anymore.

I could go on writing for hours, but the point is clear. The church has changed... and most of it is not for the better. That's why Islam and numerous other religions is growing while the Christian churches are closing doors at a record pace. I pray the people of God wake up before it's too late.

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