20 June, 2013

"A New Angel In Heaven" ???

I recognize that this post may upset some folks, but there has to be some correction on the erroneous thoughts and teachings and this is a good one to start out with. Somewhere along the line, people began saying that when a loved one dies they become an angel. Fact is, there is no truth in this thought at all. It may make someone feel good to think that their loved on is now an angel, but this is an absolute error, at best. The angels were created to be angels and the Bible tells us that we were created a little lower than the angels. The point is, humans are humans and and angels are angels, and we do not "evolve" into angels after death.  Some may question why I'd even bother to correct it, and think "what harm does it do to let someone think this way?"  Well, the fact is that many of these people think that no matter how a person lives, when they die, they become an angel (read: go to heaven.)  There lies a huge problem. When we allow this erroneous teaching to go unchecked, people do not realize their need for a savior. Think about it: why bother serving God if you are guaranteed a place in heaven as an angel? I've witnessed people die horrible deaths while drunk or high on drugs only to hear people tell family members that their loved one was now an angel in heaven. I'm sorry, that is just a lie. It may seem cruel to tell someone that this is not true, but if we allow them to continue believing this way, then they will themselves continue to live a reckless and sinful life under the false believe that when they die, they too will become an angel. I have to wonder how many people will end up in Hell, partly because they have been allowed to believe a lie. Yes, it's that serious.

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