25 March, 2013

It's On!

This winter has been LONG and COLD, and I have found myself giving in to the temptation to each "comfort foods" way too often. The result? I've added 12 pounds of fat to my midsection since the first of the year. How ridiculous is that?  I am SO ashamed of myself!  I made it through the holidays without adding even one stinking pound, but in the last 12 weeks I've added an average of one pound per week!!!  See that yellow blob in the picture? That is what 5 pounds of human fat looks like. I've added nearly two and a half of those in 12 weeks! 
Well, it's finished, over and done with! Today, I've declared war with myself and it is time to get my eating under control and start moving my body again. This morning I tipped the scales at 216 pounds. I've determined that by the time I go on vacation at the end of June, I will be under 200 pounds again, and that by the end of summer, I'm going to be at 190 or less. I'll give periodic updates as the battle rages.

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Anonymous said...

I totally hear you Pastor D. I have gained pretty steadily since thd knee replacement in November. IT IS TIME to fight the battle and win this war. Warmer weather is here - so excuses are gone. Crunches, situp, squats, walking fast - all getting done. Started yesterday while sitting in my office doing nothing. My supervisor knows i have nothing yo do, so he shokldnt be surprised if he walks in on me doing physical exercise. I cant lesvd the office due to the type of job they have assigned to me, but i can certainly make good use of yhe down time. Vickie Todd