29 March, 2013

After God's Own Heart

I've been on a trip down memory road today, listening to some of the music that meant so much to me when I first became a born again Christian. I ran across this video of Steve Camp singing, "After God's Own Heart" and I sat and wept as I listened to the lyrics. My mind began to reflect on the trends in the world and the church today, and it suddenly became apparent that the "gospel" that is being preached and taught so frequently today is no where near the gospel message of the Bible. The message today is about "YOUR best life now" and is centered on becoming the best person you can, getting all you can... it's all about self. But the message of the Bible is clear,"Whoever wants to be my disciple (follow me) must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me." The life of being a Christ follower, according to the Word of God is one that surrenders selfish will and desires and becomes so much like Jesus that when others look at us, they call us "Christians" because we look, breathe act and talk just like Jesus. It's not about being able to live the way we want to live and attributing our freedom to grace... it's about dying to our own desires and our desires being molding into the heart and desires of God! My heart is heavy as I see what the church has and is becoming. Grace does not simply overlook sin, it empowers us to live a life free of sin. God help us to go after God's own heart again!

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