01 February, 2013

Definitely a Pattern

I posted this on Facebook yesterday, but wanted to add it here so that it would be easy for people to find and share. I think this pattern is important. It is not to say that all Democrats would do such a thing; however,  the thinking pattern that makes one a staunch liberal is what it takes to push one over the edge to do such things. Progressive liberals are WAY out there when it comes to reality. They view the life of a tree or an insect as more important than human life... and that is the beginning of what it takes to slip into such an altered state that you see no problem killing folks at random. Listen to what is coming out of Washington today. The Attorney General (appointed and backed by the POTUS) has publicly stated that he believes the POTUS has the right to KILL anyone (US citizen or not) who he THINKS might pose a danger or threat. Same thinking pattern as these whacked out killers.

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